What we fund

Our income from investments allows Trustees to award around 30 -40 grants each year, typically ranging from £4,500* up to £20,000.  Please note, however, that the average main grant size is around £15,000.  By exception, larger grants will be awarded for projects that make a significant difference to disadvantaged groups.

Projects requiring either capital or revenue support will be considered and, where there is an ongoing or longer term need, charities already known to the Trust may apply for multi-year revenue grants.  Please contact the Trust Secretary before submitting a multi-year appeal.

*Grants of £4,500 or less are considered by the Small Grants Committee who meet in between the main Trustee meetings.

Grant applications for over £4,500 will be considered at meetings in March, July and November  and should be sent to the Trust Secretary (Celia Forsyth) 5 weeks beforehand. 

Please note, the next application deadline for main grants is 23 May 2024 , and for small grants is 13 March 2024.

Whilst we prefer to fund organisations that are registered charities, we will consider offering grants to organisations who are pursuing charitable objectives and make a demonstrable contribution to their community, providing their aims and constitution are clearly not-for-profit. Additional checks and questions will be asked of organisations applying for funds who are not registered charities.