What we fund

Our income from investments allows Trustees to award around 50 grants each year, typically ranging from £200 up to £20,000.  Please note, however, that the average grant size is around £10,000.  By exception, larger grants will be awarded for projects that make a significant difference to disadvantaged groups.

Projects requiring either capital or revenue support will be considered and, where there is an ongoing or longer term need, charities may apply for multi-year revenue grants.  Please contact the Trust Secretary before submitting a multi-year appeal.

Grant applications for over £3,500 will be considered at meetings in mid March, July and November  and should be sent to the Trust Secretary (Celia Forsyth) 5 weeks beforehand.

Grants of less than £3,500 are considered by the Small Grants Committee who meet in between the main Trustee meetings.

Charities should not apply to both the Frieda Scott and Francis C Scott Charitable Trust at the same time and we would encourage you to seek guidance from the staff if you are unsure.